Steve monroe link


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Jul 30, 2006
I'm unable to open the link to the Steve Monroe alkyd kit . Is there another link ?
while his throttlebodys dot com website does not have any pics, etc anymore, he does have a notation from December 22, 2021 with an email address. I'd contact him via that email address.

I did just that , Anthony & Chris. Steve got back to me & he is Indeed Retired now. He did remember me though , & offered to teach me how to port a TB. Very Cool of him , but We decided to wait for GBody.....Again 👀. Alas , It's kinda like waitin' for The Ranger's to win another Stanley Cup 🥅
That’s Funny as soon as I needed that Service he stopped doing it.Wound up buying the Accufab and Precision Polished 65mm looks nice on the Motor


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