Steven Segal movie GN sounds like a v-8


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All weekend they been playing Steven segal movies.
I watched the GN one twice & I swear whne they leave the chop shop & drive by it sounds like a v-8 :(
I disagree, I think it sounds how it should. Besides, the director or whoever is obviously a big fan of the cars which is shown by how the car is parked at an angle and the light is just right making it look totally killer. The only disappointment is how that one guy refers to it as a GNX, which of course it is not. I bought that stupid movie just for the total 10 seconds of GN that you get to see. When I bought the entertainment system and wanted to crank it and check out the surround sound, what do you think I put in the DVD player?;) I still have yet to buy The Substitute part 2 for the GN in that movie, but soon........
"Out For Justice"

I am betting it is the real thing. Later in the movie when he is parked at the 'girlfriend's' house and Segal stops over..... the seats are grey and black as they would be in a GN.

Seems like a lot of trouble to swap motors or seats just for the 10 seconds.
Yes the car looks pretty decent.

I too noticed the grey /blk seats & grey steering wheel.

Anyway it best they don't promote GN's too much then others will want them.
Hey, what if the factory had set up Concert Sound II to make that sweet, V8 sound? You know, you press a button and all of a sudden, rumble, thump, cam, lifters, like a BBC. Cool!!!

Besides, there's no point in trying to play music through that extra cost, POS sound system they gave us...