Stiil having turbo problems! need help!!!


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Hi everybody,
My 87 GN having turbo problems.Here is a list of what my car has:
command series chip part #0500bu
60 lb high z injectors
gm hp pump
gt3255e turbo
engine rebuilt bored .020 over
3" exhaust no cat.
k &n filter.
i changed the maf this week tps,air box sensor,cell pack, wires, plugs, cam positions check and was out of spec. and also changed the ecm and put the commander chip back in the swapped out one.
The car is running alot better but when you try to kick it in to WOT ,it bucks when the turbo kicks in. i believe the car is still running rich.
Is there something wrong with chip parameters? fuel regulator,do i need to get a scan master 2.1 never got one with the car. I'm pulling my hair out over this. can some help?
i posted earlier this week about problems i'm having.
changed out all the possible sensors that usually go bad that were suggested.
Need more info.

What was the original problem? What is a Commander series chip? How much boost are you running? What type of fuel/octane? Who did the work? Was the Cam/ TPS sensor set correctly?

Yes, get a Scanmaster.

Billy T.

the original problem was as followed:
Bought my car back in November, never rode it down road went straight in the garage.Just got done with the interior.
Took it for a ride this evening. Got on the throttle, it starts stumbling (Bucking) just going into second gear and almost stalled out.
I did read the posts, i'm confused where to began to solve the problem.The engine is modded bigger cam polished ports,bigger turbo, engine bored out and a custom chip, bigger injectors. I don't have all the specs in front of me. I believe the the car is pushing 450 to 500 HP.

The chip was installed by the other owner back 2004 version i don't know.Boost pressure don't know. I'm running 93 octane.I did the sensor work but as far as the engine the builder was R.P.E. Performance Engines in Hartford.CT The cam was set with the cam sensor tool that was totally off. It to have done the trick on the engine running without a dead spot on the throttle.TPS sensor i thought it was set automatic.