Stock 85 tran


10's here i come
Iwas going to post it in the tran sec but i tought you guy could help me with it faster. Does any one no how fast you can go with a stock 85 tran or what kind of power it can hold i think i killed mine:eek:
As far as strength goes, the 84-85 is identical to the 86-87. I in 86 they came with a bigger servo for crisper second gear shifts and more holding power for the band. Most of the 86-87s I've driven seem to shift just a little later than the hotairs also.

With a good shift kit the hotairs should hold just as much power as the later cars.
I hope that i just droped some thing inside maybe a spring or some thing . It wont shift to 2nd , the only way it will is if i hold 1st very long then let my foot off the gas all the way , then get back on the gas then it go's in 2nd.

The thing that makes my mad is i ran my race chip and had my best 60' so far so i know i would have droped my time some.:mad:

I guess the only thing is to drop the pan and see what see looks like .
If I'm not mistaken the BRF transmissions also had hardened input shafts and the BQ did not. When I ran the quarter mile in my '84 I had the same exact problem on what would have been my best run. I beleive I threw a governor spring. When you pull the pan, take out the governor and inspect it closely. I just threw in a BRF transmission. I would like to fix and rebuilt the original BQ just to keep it more original. I'd sell my BRF for the cost of a good rebuild if I could.
I dont know alot about these trannys if it is the spring can i just put it back in. Or what would i have to do. I am also going to look into a better servo and shift kit.

thanks guys
I dunno. :confused: I have not yet had to fix this problem personally. I have a tendancy to just replace the damn thing. Worst case scenario, you would have to buy a new governor from the dealership. That is assuming that it is indeed a governor problem. Or, I'll sell you my BRF transmission with 14,000 miles for $800. I assume you would rather fix your problem and save some money.
I'll keep that in mind, but iam in the middle of a bigger turbo , injectors and stall,. Maybe it some thing little and easy to fix, my luck it wont be .
So, is the problem a very late 1-2 shift only? Are you sure when you wind it out in first it's not going straight to third and skipping over second?
Now that i think about it it might be , i did seem like i was missing a gear but i was so mad i didn't care at the time.

What would that be maybe the belt or some thing.
Ok i took it for a ride with it cold and it does go in 2nd but very slow and at a high rpm if i am easy on the gas. If iam hard on the gas it wont shift at all. 3rd seems to shift ok but very slow to.

Did i burn some thing up , i do want to drop the pan and check the fluid and filter real good. Make sure i did not lose the gev spring.:(
The next thing to do is drop the pan and take a good hard look. You may also want to check the 1-2 accumulator spring (held in by 4 or 6 bolts). It would make a very soft shift, but usually not a late one. Just something else to check. Look for big peices of clutch also. If you see any big sections of clutch disk, just plan on a rebuild.
If the weather is nice when i get up i'll drop the pan and let you guys know what i find.

thanks for the help, kevin
well i dont see any thing bad when i droped the pan and the fuild and filter look good and no springs any where in the pan . Every thing looks good, now what do i do. can i check any thing else now that the pan is off.
Pull out the governor. It is held in by about 4 bolts. It is located twords the rear of the trans. Look for where the speedo cable goes in. Then go to the bottom of the trans there is a cover plate that you remove. Be careful not to damage the gasket if you do not live near a GM dealership to get a new gasket.
I pulled that a little bit ago and the gears look good and the spring and bearing are still there. Any other idea'sthat i can check.
Next check the 1-2 accumulator spring. They do break often. Although I doubt this is the problem. I would be inclined to take it to a professional afterwards and either look at replacement or a rebuild. A good rebuild will cost around $900-$1400 depending on your location and any other problems that are not fixed just with a rebuild. If you have it rebuilt, pay a little extra money and get a TransGo shift kit installed. If you decide to replace, it is a good opportunity to swap in a BRF transmission that may already have some nice work done to it.. This is about where my knowledge of these complex transmissions end. Good luck!
Do you know wheere to find the 1-2 spring in this thing.

I wont have that kind of money for sure, it looks like i'll be putting in a turbo 350-400 and want have od.:(
Look twords the front of the car I beleive it's more on the passengers side. It sits right in front of the valve body in an aluminum housing held on by 4-6 bolts (don't remember exactly). The housing has a round shape.