stock engine oil cooler.

need some feedback.
has anyone succesfully flushed and re-used their stock rad engine oil cooler after an engine failure?
Or is an auxillary unit a must?
Grey have a new oil cooler put in do not mess with having it flushed. They say they can get all the bearing material out but no way i would take a chance.

I built a device to run solvent under pressure thru the cooler and it seems to get all the junk out but several people have said that there are some sort of structure in the cooler that makes flushing not possible.

I got a new oil cooler for the fresh engine but decided to do the break in with no cooler. If all looks good, then I will install it.
I had a radiator shop use a pressure system, but when I got home being curious I ran some more cleaner thru it and got more junk out.
I would have to agree with the others either use an auxillary cooler or get a new tank put on the radiatior.
Its just not worth taking the chance.
Good Luck :biggrin: