stock Fuel pump pressure question


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Hi folks,

Just a quick question for those with a stock fuel pump and some sort of fuel pressure measuring device.

If your pressure is at 0 and you turn on the key, what does the pressure go to?

And, with a anything other than stock, what does it go to on 1 key on cycle?

Mine goes to 20 ish, if I key 2x, I can go higher. It will start even with 20 psi. It runs with the vac off at about 38 and climbs to 42 or so.

I am having some hesitation problems and want to start with this for now. If it is an issue
It should go to the pressure rating of the regulator within a second or two regardless of the pump. Sounds like you have a regulator problem.
I see, I was messing with it because it wouldn't start (low pressure 5 psi) turns out it was out of gas (num-nuts = me). I guess the fuel gauge doesn't work.

I have the stock looking adj. regualtor and I screwed it in a turn or so. would that lower it??