stock injector part #'s, lbs/hr rating, and correct replacement parts


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Oct 3, 2009
I want to know if TTA stock injectors are the same as 1987 turbo regal ones. I know some stuff about the tta was increased at the factory from buick specs, just don't know about injectors.

I want to get an extra set of new stock injectors to use with my existing chips (stock chip and eric 28#).

According to the regal site info, I decided to use stock replacement lucas injectors rated at 30 lbs with these part #'s

D1720AA [I bought new a set of these, can I use with stock chip with no problem???]


tomco 15509

Are these correct for stock replacement? I don't want to run rich on stock chip.

I have heard that if you increase injector flow rates and don't change the chip, it will run rich. I am not changing the chip. Someday I want to put the original injectors back in after they are cleaned. Probably no mods either.

(sometimes people say stock is 28lbs and these are 30 so I hope it wont run too rich, but that is another story, because the regal site says stock is 29.8 which would indicate that there is no problem putting in the 30's with the stock chip)