Stock Intercooler Scoop Repair


May 8, 2011
I decided to do a little DIY project to fix my stock location intercooler scoop. If you have lowered your car, like I have, you may have a problem with the scoop scrapping on absolutely everything, cracking, and pulling rivets. So here is what I did...

This is the before photo of the demolished scoop



I removed the old rivets and drilled holes in the scoop so that I could "lace" it back together...


I then safety wire laced it tightly back together...


Then came the messy part, Fiberglass!! Follow the directions on the box and make sure your in a well ventilated area.


The next day after it dried fully I started in with the Dremel and sandpaper to smooth it all out


Then just a coat of spray paint. All in all, it was cheap to do and a nice simple project most anyone can do. Its not the most high tech or best looking repair, but hey it sure does work and it beats trying to get a new one. Or just get a FMIC! which is in the works for me :)
I have more photos if anyone wants them. Please dont laugh at my little crude project :)
I ran over a feed sack one day and nearly ripped mine off. You can take some thin stainless washers and put them on either side of a rivet to give them a little more tooth and keep them from pulling through.