Stock maf/K&N filter for sale


Buick = $$$
Jul 2, 2009
Have a perfectly good running MAF sensor and K&N filter for sale. I believe it is a car-done model. It worked perfect when removed, and installed it on my car today to double check and it ran flawlessly....AF was 05-06 at idle...:cool:..The filter is about a year old and 3.5 in size but fits fine on my stocker, has the usual hole on the side for the IAT is in real good shape

$65 shipped for both...if using paypal please include paypal fee.....Thanks
Gotta get this $hit out 2...will go to $55 shipped but that's the lowest I will go, MAF works perfect, and filter is in great shape...:cool:
Here is a you can see the filter is like brand has some rub marks on the bottom but that's normal


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