Stock Motor how fast?


Feb 20, 2003
I was just wandering what is the fastest a stock grandnational has gone when I say stock I mean cam and heads but any bolt ons. Just wandering I took my Dads car to the track last week and went a best of 11.86@114 w/ a 1.78 with a completely stock 80,000 mile motor that has never been opened the car has a TE-54 stock intercooler ATR 3in DP and 2 1/2 exhaust 50lb injectors and a Del-Trans 2,800 stall converter. That was with Reds 100 octane chip and a xylene mix w/ 24psi. I was going to set it on 30 and put some slicks on the car and see what it goes.
Thats rolling for a stock cam and heads I figured it would be somewhere in the elevens my dads car has a 235-60-15 BFG DR I think its like 25in tall the car is at like 5,000 at the 1,000 ft and flatlines the rest of the track that had to be done with a 28in or taller tire.
Thats rollin you have basically the same combo, I do want to throw some slicks on the car and see if it will go some low 1.6's the car should atleast go some 60's. I think it went some 7.50's to the eigth.