Stock pump volume


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Jan 26, 2020
Just curious, I googled it, and searched on here and I was wondering if anyone knows what the stock max pressure and volume is on a factory as installed GN fuel pump?
When new it was barely adequate for the stock boost. Add in 35 yrs of age on the pump and supply wiring and you know it cant keep up with even the mildest of mods. We used to "crush" the fp regulator for additional pressure. If the filter isn't kept fresh the flow can be restricted.

Any reason you need this info? Just sell the upgrade. Even if the owner sez they are just a cruiser, you know the deal when leaving a show.
Thanks, but I knew all of that. I've been crushing cans since 1982 on the TB inj stuff, porting and boring them too. My first GN in 87, I crushed the can, ported the elbow, ported the TB and plenum upper, deleted the cat, made the wastegate rod adjustable and ran 15 lbs, removed the second screen in the MAF , all in the second week I owned it!
Tires weren't good then, and in a forced downshift, it would go sideways at 50 mph.
As to the stock volume, I was just wondering.
Fully understand. you are ahead of me. I was doing the BMX type stuff on a mongoose in '82. None of the goodyear stuff was decent back then. We did the bosch 044 in line to get it fed supplied by the stock intank. Probably a restriction but kept the boost going up to 20 or so and more on a good cool evening. some m&h g60 put it to the ground(spinnin aint winnin.) . kept it as stock looking as I could even though no one knew what it should look like.
In 1973 I was working part time at a friend's speed shop and one of the guys there worked for Marv Rifchin, owner of M&H tires. He had developed a "Street/Strip" L60/15 and was looking for folks to test them. I had a COPO 1972 Torino GT with the Boss 351 engine, FACTORY 3000 stall convertor, auto/manual C-6 trans, 3.73s, dual ex with an H pipe, gauge cluster, and sport suspension. I added the biggest flat tappet hyd cam Crane made, 800 dp. Holley, Torker intake (one of the first for the Ford!), dual point dist. and a bunch more that I forget.
Anyway the micky t L 60 tires were work to get mid 13s.
The M&Hs went easily into the 12s with a light burnout at the track.
They were a lot stickier, but without a burn out I still had to pedal it on the street. A bit of a burnout on the street and they dead hooked!
I had forgotten all about those!
Good times, and no one had heard of " back orders."