Stock Rebuild LC2 Flexplate questions ?

Tim Cucci

May 24, 2001
I have a spare original engine that I would like to put back together. A 10/10 GM Turbo crank to be used with stock bore pistons and rods and block. All are original to the block. Only thing new or different is the stock turbo 10/10 crank and bearings.

#1 Has the rotating assembly absolutely got to be balanced for stock rebuild.

#2 Can a CAT neutral balance flex plate be used to balance and run with this engine. Or do I just need to find another GN original flexplate?
I have everything original except the flexplate.
there are aftermarket External balance flex plates, if you need a flex plate . If you do not want to balance it. it will be OK. And you can't balance a OE crank Neutral.
#1 No it dose not need to be balanced
#2 No a CAT neutral will not work on a OE crank
Flywheel in question for stock rebuild and balancing can this be used .
a OE flex plat not hard to find and Cat use to make them I may have a OE
that is a neutral won't work
Hensleyt thanks I posted this photo before I saw your reply. Thanks for the confirmation. I was thinking not to balance and that would absolutely solve the flexplate issue. Like I said it’s a stock setup all original except the 10/10 crank that I already have. Not looking at Race type performance or build up.
Spend a couple extra bucks and get the rotating assembly balanced. Difference is like night and day. OE flex plate works just fine.
like Scooby said balancing a OE is a good thing and use to be less than 2 Ben Franklin's
but a Happy meal was 1.99 then too.
I used a Scat stock stroke crank and neutral balanced mine, and using Wiseco forged pistons I had to take a lot of weight off of it! I wouldn't do another for two benjis. I also milled symetrical holes in the stock, new replacement flexplate, and also milled the offset weight out of the balancer too. I got it all within .1 gram. I know, but I'm anal... Don't forget if you balance one of these motors to bring the cast iron pulley/spacer to the balance shop too. Mine was off near a quarter pound!
Before anyone wonders why I did it this way, I bought a partly finished project, and these parts were there. Otherwise I would have just done a stroker deal.