Stock replacement turbo


Sep 28, 2014
Looking for a stock or next to stock turbo. Currently have stock turbo from 1986 and I can move shaft 1/4” side to side and I am getting a good amount of smoke out the exhaust. Appears to be no oil in the radiator and no water in the oil. I do google searches for stock replacement turbos but it doesn’t get me far. And search on this forums brings up turbos that are no longer available. Not to concerned on stock appearing or not just want something to bolt up to stock down pipe.
Limit Engineering closed their shop at end of 2022. He noted on the website to send units to Work Turbochargers. you're centrally located in the US so multiple options. Also, contact Bison to inquiry what he has available to build something for you.

with that much axial play (factory spec is 0.015 to 0.020 as indicated at comp wheel nut end) most likely the compressor wheel has contacted the housing. That's when the housing get bored for a TA49 or TA60 wheel. also, with that much axial play, thrust movement may have taken out the turbine wheel via contact with the heat shield dog dish in the turbine housing. and maybe messed up the receiver groove for the piston ring on the turbine shaft. replacement turbine wheel/shaft and comp wheel is still available from Garrett. last I checked, stock turbine wheel was more than $350 while stock comp wheel was around $200. with scoring to comp cover, you'd need a replacement if sticking with stock wheel. replacement covers come from core turbos if no damage. That Garrett turbine housing with A/R of .63 is great on the street. no problems machining for larger turbine wheel. Garrett bearing housings and internals are readily available.

perhaps time to upgrade grade turbo based upon what boost level you're running, ported heads or intake, torque converter stall, fuel, etc.

links to shops below =>

bison's performance on facebook => Bison's Performance
Thank you. I want to stay around stock for now. I haven’t driven the car for the last 15-18 years. I want to enjoy it for a while before I do any more upgrade power wise. The upgrades I have done have been necessary to get it back running so since I was replacing I might as well upgrade. I’m afraid if I go bigger turbo I’ll just end up going down a path I’m not ready to yet. I’m sure it will happen but for now I just want to drive it 😁
on an unopened factory stock engine and trans running on pump gas (with a TurboTweak chip), the factory stock turbo is where you want to be. the factory Garrett TB0348 for 86-87 is fine for up to 20-22 psi - no reason to run anything else on a bone stock engine. TA49 (TE44) does not come into its power range until 24-26 psi boost and would give about 20 hp over stock at 16-18 psi. TA49 would work fine with stock converter.

maybe you can work out something with Timinator for a stock turbo.

Limit had a lifetime supply of (good, used) factory stock compressor wheels, covers, etc from the cores they took in for decades. I expect all that stuff went to Mike at Work Turbochargers. Bison too has also done a lot of work for folks making something from good, used parts that he's stockpiled from cores and trade-ins.

So, I'd get more info from Timinator re: what he has and I'd talk with both Mike at Work and Bison about building a stock turbo from your damaged unit as well.

I have a few spare units for my own car, should I ever need them. Suggest you have a spare as well.