Stock spindles can be modified for 4 piston brake calipers


Dec 6, 2001
I have a set aerospace brakes on my car now with modified spindles and am going to wilwood brakes. Aerospace and wilwood have different thread pitch for caliper mounting so I'm looking for a new set of stock spindles so I can sell my old brakes as a kit. Let me know if you have anything
should be able to reuse old spindles
they both use the same holes . wilwood uses 3/8-24 aero used 3/8-16
easy fix is just use the old bolts
cant retap to work but you can upgrade to the larger 7/16 -14 bolts like strange did on their kits
strange used to supply 3/8-16 bolts and when i had one break off racing i clalled them looking for new bolts and found the new kits were now being sold with taper allen head 7/16-14 bolts , they dont change stuff like that for no reason
. so i just drilled out old holes with 3/8 drill and retapped the spindles and drilled the holes for the aluminum brackets a little larger