Stock style flanges for catalytic converter


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May 24, 2001
I have a new converter, but it has no flanges. I would like to get the stock style flanges so I can easily unbolt the converter to remove it. Does anybody know a source to purchase these (the four square in the front and odd shaped peice in the back taht bolts to the hanger).

Does anybody make a test pipe that bolts in using these same flanges for a reasonable price. The exhaust is still solid, so I don't want to convert over the the wide mouth 86/87 style just yet. Thanks!

(FYI, my 83 uses the same flanges as the 84/85, so I'm asking here :) )
When I made my test pipe I bought the square flange from NAPA. They had it in their catalog in a section of miscellaneous exhaust hardware for the 84 Buicks. I've also heard that ATR carries them.

I don't remember how I did the rear flange and I'm not home to look at my car either.