Stock Trim 4.1L?

Big Paul

Bob Barker
Dec 9, 2001
How many horsies does a '84 Regal 4.1L make? Non-turbo, carbed engine. And how much torque? cause I know those 4.1's have to be torque monsters like there brother 3.8's.

What can I do to this engine to get it moving?

Is there anyone out there that makes manifolds, headers, carbs, cams, heads, anything for a 4.1?

If so point me in the right direction!

Thanks guys!
The 4.1 was 125 HP @ 4,000 rpm and 205 ft-lbs torque @ 2,000 rpm.
The 3.8 was 110 HP @ 3,800 rpm and 190 ft-lbs torque @ 1,600 rpm.

You have a good intake and carb already. Aftermarket may mean losing the computer system.

Heads are big money. There are aluminum Champions. Champion can also CNC machine the stock heads.

Everybody carries cams.

I don't think anybody here found headers they would recommend.

What's your rear-end ratio (check for a GU? RPO code under the trunk)? OD trans?
OD yes, 2004r.

I don't know the rear end ratio, but I do know its posi, I knew the number had to be a GU, I just didn't know where to look.

What is the rear end gear most likely? 3.42?

I know if its GU6 its 3.42, GU4 3.08, but what were they most commonly?

And btw, whats the potential of this engine, w/o turbo?

Can the 4.1's be real ground pounders?

Let me know what it can do, thanks.
well i got a 84 n/a with the 3.8 and the 4-brl conv. and a 3.08 rear non-posi,with the 350-th with shift kit and i can catch rubber and jerk the car into 2nd and feel the shift into third at 70 so yeah you can make them rip.the key is to get the carb setup right.i made alot of different adjustments to the carb and finally found the right setting.good luck.:D
Thats it?

Mark, All you have done, is the 4.1 4bl. swap?

What q-jet carb. do they have? I know 4bl. but what CFM?

Q-jets are great carbs. when there adjusted just right.
Please let me know how to get that 250HP cheaply?

I'm figuring some bigger things may be in order, like a cam, and maybe heads.

But is this cheap stuff just bolt ons?

Let me know, thanks
Yes, you'll need a cam...I liked the 224-224 grind with the stock 4.1 intake, a non-ccc QJet, home ported heads with 110# springs, 1-1/2" headers. You'll need a 2800 rpm converter and 3.42's to get it moving. Shift it at 5500rpm. Cheap is relative, I guess. The point is if you have a complete 4.1 already, then you don't need to buy a carb and manifold, just a cam, lifters, and some good head work. GB
And this will get me to 250horse?

I plan on buildin a V8 for my n/a Regal, and get it a lil easier, but I think i'm seeing the potential of the 4.1.

BTW: What does an '84 Regal wiegh?

Is it the same as a GN, or TR?