stock turbo differences


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I saw a response to one post that the turbo splines are a little different in the 85 vs. 86/87. Are the turbo's also the same size or is the 86/87 a little bigger? Also the bigger the turbo has more lag if I understand correctly but also has more top end power? Thanks!
the 84/85s are fairly small compared to the 86-87. They are both small enough to not have any lag with the stock converter unless something else is wrong with the car. The 84/85s are rated at 390 cfm i believe and the intercooled turbos are rated at 450-500ish if i remember correct.
Weld the adaptor

If your not worried about keeping the stock 85 and want to run a 86-87 turbo. Get your adaptor welded to an 86-87 housing and Janis(turbo6x2) sells the adaptor that will allow your throttle body to set in the correct position.