stock turbo


Feb 15, 2004
I've searched and read old threads on this forum, but haven't 100% found my answer.
I'm considering putting the stock parts back on my car, I no longer have the stock turbo, car has a TA-49.
I figured a stock GN turbo would be fine. I did my searhing and read up to on here to find the differences between GN/TTA stock turbo because I always heard there's some slight differences, I just wansn't sure exactly what they are.
Is the ONLY difference in the wastegate port being larger on the TTA (.91x as opposed to .82 on GN)
Are there any other differences??
There was a lot of mixed opinions, facts, etc.. from the old threads, so I really wasn't sure what is 100% factual and what isn't.
If the wastegate port size is different, say I purchased a stock GN turbo, ported the wastegate hole larger to match TTA stock size, would this be wise, or would it make no difference if I left that alone and just put the stock GN turbo on the car?

Thanks guys, just trying to clarify so I can put it to rest.

This doesn't make a functional difference, but the compressor housings look different. Here's a shot from SKTurbo with the TTA on the left and the GN on the right...

TTA vs GN Turbo Front.jpeg
.....So swapping in a stock GN turbo won't make that much of a difference from the stock TTA turbo???...not enough of a difference to
adversely affect the manner in which the vehicle runs??

You will not notice anything different between the two when you drive it.