stolen 87 t type norfolk va

t type tom

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:( i am currently on a ship fighting for this country. As i check my email today i find out that my car has been stolen right outside my very own apartment complex. i am calling to every buick owner to help me relocate my baby. any information is wanted.
sky blue 87 t type hard top, chrome package, digital dash, colume shifter, bench seat, stock rims, dual hooker exhaust system, scanmaster, bootgaauge on pilar arm, ta49, 009 inj, 3" thdp, posi rear, adj fuel pressure regulator, slight rust on bottom of doors, clarion radio, pioneer speakers all around except for door speakers... adj wastegate rod, 10mm orange wires, walbro gs307 fp. 3000 stal converter, 20,000 on rebuilt motor. if anyone can help me please do so for your shipmate. thank you all
Eyes will be peeled for it over this side of the water

go to this web site

you will have to sign up to post ..

It is local to hampton roads all over.

mention that Red sent you to the site since most all of them know me on there.

I go by Redsttype on there

good luck with your search

thanks, im gonna do that asap, i would like to get my hands around the throat of the people who did it, i cant believe this s#it happened, i hope it is recorved :(
you come out to hangouts on sat. nights?

i'll be at tnt on rt 17 in newport news tonight if you wonder out just about ask anyone who Red is and they can point me out.

wont have my car out there though since its down getting a girdle and converter restalled.

i'll stop the car if i see it anywhere

im out in the atlantic as of now, but thanks for watching out, the cops told my wife they dont know why my car got stolen, i told her that they are dumb cause they dont know that rust and thiefs are buicks worst enemy.
hey guys this was my old account. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what my user name was for all these years. I have since left the military in 2005 and am currently a police officer now in NJ. I ended up trading the car for a mustang (dumbest fucking mistake ever) in 2003. Back in the market now for another turbo buick. went above and beyond trying to find these old threads but I found em. my avatar pic is of old blue. miss her