Stomped a vette


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May 24, 2001
i went out for a regular cruise one night with my G/F and this vette pulled up next to me and was taunting me, but there was way to many cars up ahead, so i make a u turn, he was at a bad angle to make one next to me, so he went to the next light...

he blew through a red light just to get next to me at the next red light, he was saying there is alot of traffic ahead, i said "i dont need alot of room" so i PB the car to just about 1200 rpm's (i didnt want to beat on my car) Bam Green the vette jumps on me, and my tires screeched all the way past him with a nice long screetch/chirp into second by this time i was a full nose ahead of him and came from behind, let off and cam up on traffic ahead, but for some odd reason he wouldnt get along side me again? and just as another chance to go came up, he turned like a little girl :)

I still brake for vettes, especially if the guy in it has a, i'm gonna kick your butt attitude, and goes down fast :)