Street Car Chaos part 3!! Friday, Aug 17th, US41 dragway in IN!


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May 25, 2001
This will be the 3rd Street Car Chaos held at US41 dragway in Moroco, IN. This is considered street racing. They take the tree down, the clocks are shut off, and you can spot people out car lengths to make up for e.t differences. For example, if you have an 11.00 car and you want to race someone with a camaro, but they are slower than you, you can spot them out say for example 5 car lengths. Yes, you actually have someone go on the track and measure out each car length one after another.

Since the trees are down, you will have a flagger on the race track. You can choose to leave off of a flag (hands up in the air and then dropped), off of a flash light (you leave as soon as the light turns on) or you can give someone the leave (i.e. the bust, the crack, etc. etc., where one person leaves first, and as soon as you see their car go you can chase). The second event was 3 weeks ago and they had a HUGE turnout.

With street racing being the main focus here, money and gambling is involved. My buddy raced for $600 last time. You can set up races with anyone in the lot for any amount of money (or for free) and you can work out the spots and so on...

You will be allowed to put VHT down as long as it is in the burnout box, incase you want to do a VHT burnout.

I would like to see some more buicks out there, last time I only saw 2 that were racing out of about 300 cars.

This is on Friday, August 17th at US 41 dragway in Moroco, IN (about 1 1/2 hours southeast of chicago). I will post back what time gates open. $10 per spectator, $25 per racer. There will be Sonoco fules availible. Lots of food too! Please reply to this thread if you want any info, and if you are planning on comming. It would be cool to get a group of TR's together and win a little bit of $$$$$$$$.