Strongest Drive Shaft for a 200!


Staff member
Mar 1, 2005
Who makes the best drive shaft for the 200 & 8.5 rear? I broke one at 130mph and DO NOT want to do that again.....

Carbon Fiber? Chrome Molly? Aluminum?
DST is who I use. SUPER NICE folks, and great service.
I used the alum 3.5", 1350 joints, 400 w/tbrake, 3710#, 60's in the 1.4's...
You must change the pinion yoke out to use the 1350.
was that a stock driveshaft you broke ?? :confused:

Yes. The car had ran consistent 6.42's 1/8 mile passes. You remember the FAST I bought from you? This was the FIRST pass with the fast nothing else changed. At about 1200ft all hell broke loose:eek:
3.5" C/M made by a reputable shop with 1350 serries will live in just about anything. Not the lightest choice but a good one.