Studs on drum brakes


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
When i pulled my tires off the back of the car i could see that the studs on the drum brake were all bent side ways. Could this be from the track and taking off at 6psi with dr tires.

Has any one else had thid problem and do they make better studs.

thanks guys
are you sure your eye balls were in strait ?

are you running wheel spacers ?

shouldnt need better studs just get some new ones if they're bent you can get them at the parts stores..
I even check it with my glasses on , I am running 5/16 wheel spacers when i run my drag tires.

I dont see you on here much any more are you a intercooled guy now,;)
imon all the time just too late for ya its 2-3-4 oclock in the morning when im on the most

best check post count if you dont think im on here...:)
Wow 1393 post , Never mine you must be on alot more then me.
I thought i was doing good with 600.

So how is the hot rod coming. I got some pic of my brothers chevy2 poor car. I'll e mail some to yea later.