STUPID QUESTION.... 87' Door pull strap COVERS


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What COLOR is the COVER----that fits over the screw on each end of the door pull strap on the 87' GN :confused: ????? BEEN told different colors from different sources :confused: ....SO I wanted to ASK the EXPERTS..........
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Gray-----is that a PAINT gray(light or dark) OR is it a Brushed Aluminum (no paint ---machined type finish).

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82 gray med./dark gray is what's on my WE4 which I believe is the same color as on my GN.

I'd check with Kirbans for a factory replacement he used to carry them.

G body parts may have some used factory ones as well.
took a pic...

The 20515632 is around $13 ea and is the one for an '87 GN. The 20084314, around #2 ea, is for other model Regals. The 20515632 isn't brownish like the pic shows, I just couldn't get a good pic. These guys have a pic of both if you plug in those p/n's. There also was another p/n used, 20656104, but I'm not sure which models it was used on.

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The dark grey ones are what came on the GN's, not brushed aluminum ones. The Brushed aluminum ones were on the other regals. Kirban sells reproduction ones on his website.