stupid question


It's my Granny's car!
I just installed a system in a '86 Chevy truck. 3.5 Clarions in the dash,5.25 2ways in the doors,6x9 3ways in cab corners, and 2 10's in enclosure behind seat. A fosgate 200.4 powers subs & 6x9's and Sony CD deck powers 3.5's & 5.25's. My stupid ?? is why does the right 3.5 play w/only 1 speaker wire attatched. With both attatched it plays for about a second and cuts off all speakers powered by deck. But it will keep playing w/1 wire on. I've already pulled the dash off twice to make sure one of the connecters for the speaker wasn't grounded or one of the tinsel leads wasn't grounded to the speaker frame. I just tryed to duplicate the condition in my Mustang but to no avail.
Could something be wrong w/the deck? I thought the speaker was some how grounding out when mounted in the dash but I'm at a loss!:confused:
Swap the 2 3.5 speakers around and see if it still cuts off with the known good 3.5.
If it does it again, disconnect the 5 1/4's and try it again.
Maybe the deck is having a problem with too much speaker load, even though it should handle all 4 just fine.
I am assuming you are running the 5 1/4's off the rear channel of the deck, and the 3.5's off the front channel? If the speaker is grounding somewhere, you should get a nasty buzz in the system, happened to me before.