Stupid scammers


Drive it like you stole it
Apr 17, 2010
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5 minutes ago
Hey, have you try asking Yamaha4Ever! about the Pte 3" up pipe for slic he has to part out with ? If not i will advice you to ask him because the last time i spoke with him, it's still available and he wants to let it go for a very affordable offer.. Just got what i purchased from him yesterday.. You can email him for a fast response.. Have a nice day
I was just fittin to report his ass….
He tried to get me also! 😡


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I thought Chuck already through the hammer down on this knucklehead
Gotcha Reggie. Hope nobody's fallen for this scam. We need to keep ahead of it to protect other members
Every time this happens to me, it's a new member, usually withing hours after they become a member. If you get a response from parts wanted, look and see how long they have been on this site. If they have been on here for some time, it's probably legit. Don't fall for anyone that just joined recently and report them to Chuck. They will be back!