Summer is here........almost

Hey Kevin! Spring keeps tempting us here in KY but then getting cold again. Woke up to 20's this morning. I'm ready for Spring to stay! Our car is still sitting in the same place it was when we came home from Nationals. Unfortunately with a nice layer of dust. Bill is getting ready to put a new transmission in if he ever gets time. He started a new job within CSX so working a lot of overtime. In between that he's been working on a couple of other people's Buicks. You know the shoemaker story? Lol. Anyhoo hoping to get that done soon so we can start running at our local 1/8 mile track. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to step up my game this year so going to need some launching practice. I'm so looking forward to the Nationals this year to see and visit with everyone. Can you believe it's only 5 months away? We better get started!