T-bird SC learns about Buick power


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May 27, 2001
So, I was cruising the beach today, when I noticed this silver SC on my tail, squealing his tires in the loose sand. (wooo) Then he follows me till we get to a 2 lane road and goes for it from about a 25 mph roll! Well, needless to say I put 5 cars on him in about 2 seconds! Then I turned off and he follows me and decides to try again, so he gets it again. We stop at a red light and he asks me: What gear is in that thing? I say" 3:42" and he says Oh, well I only have a 3:27 in here." Actually he was a cool guy and told me about a wednesday night car hangout in Niles,Mi. and told me he wants to buy a GN next year. Smart boy! It was fun but I was still nervous about cops!
I used to see T-bird SC's all the time. Since I got the GN I can't find one anywhere and it seems that most Mustangs are driven by Women that could care less about racing.:rolleyes: The only action I'm getting is from multi-wing imports w/stickers.
RE: Thunderbird SC

First, let me start by saying that I have as a frequent visitor of Orlando Speedworld, I have witnessed some impressive runs by GN's although I am sure there are faster GN's than the ones that earned 11 second timeslips I've seen.

I personally do not have a GN, I have "That other" 3.8 car with boost, the thunderbird SC.

After going to one of the national meets, I will say that the Thunderbird SC can do a little more than spin it's tires in the sand. Truth be told they have incredible low end torque but our roots type supercharger and ohv engine was not the ideal combination to rip off 12 second timeslips on a lightly modified car. The Thunderbird SC is pretty much a burnout machine considering it weighs a lot and has relatively high (numerically low) rearend gears. I run consistant 2.0 60fts on street tires which is not bad for a 4,200 lb car. It is fun to show people that you can do a massive burnout liquifying the rubber onto my rear bumper cover without breaking 3,000 rpms but that's not a lot I can prove.

I don't really know what I came to say but the squeeling it's tires in the sand kind of got to me. I respect your cars and didn't come to trash them. Truth be told the SC you saw probably belonged to Scott Long, one of my club's members and he has said some good things about your cars so don't knock his. All of our cars that I've ever seen dyno have pulled over 300 lb/ft of rwtq just fyi, we just barely top over 200 rwhp stock however (The last dyno run I saw was Dean Shirley's bone stock '90 5-speed that he wanted to get a baseline on before any mods, you should note that his clutch failed shortly after so he may have had slightly higher driveline loss than normal, his dyno results were 206 rwhp and 308 rwtq bone stock). Feel free to chat with me through aim as atmax just don't IM to trash my car. I like all cars and like to talk about cars.

Adam Mullen
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No disrespect

I was on my way home from work and I saw one the other day.I come up behind him and he looked at me in the rearview and hit it right away.I casually stepped to the other lane dropped the hammer and reeled him in with authority,passed him like he was in reverse to see his eyes bugged out.I had a good laugh but he might have been pissed.Just wanted to share that real quick without opening a new thread.

Hey lighten up there Francis, I didn't trash your car I was relating the story as it happened. I thought it was a little silly to do that, not that that was all the car was capable of! Sheesh!
GN at Niles RiverFest Cruise?

Were you the black GN at the Niles, MI. River Fest Cruise? I'm the Black '89 XR-7. We talked for quite a while before the cruise began.

Hehheheheeeh no one is trashing your car but please do not come into a Buick board and talk heavy torque:D :D :D 340@2800 stock, in reality the modified Buicks here I believe are in the ballpark of 400+, just letting you know.

Yeah that was my SC. I have 2 of them. He got to run the slower of the two. But I bet my other one would still lose. I saw the Buick down by the beach, and I was thinking wow, nice car. So I am wanting one bad. I follow him to try to get the guy to pull over so I can ask him a couple of questions about it. Well we go through some sand and I try to get his attention so I hit the gas a bit and powerslide sideways. We both got on it a little going around the corner but I got on it a little more. I follow the Buick out on the main road hoping to catch a light so I can talk to the owner. I think he thought I seriously wanted a race because every time I came up to his fender he'd speed off. So finally I thought what the hell. If its a race you want, a race you'll get. So I downshift to 2nd and hit it at 50mph. I think I'm doing pretty good at catching up on the Buick then he hears my blower and I see the Buick squat down and start to walk away. Damn. Well we pull over onto another 2 lane road and throw mine back in 1st and we take off from 25 mph. I get pulled on again. Well now we catch a light and I start to talk to the owner. I tell him that I like his car and I am searching for one to buy next summer. We talk for a minute or two, then the light changes and we slowly pull away. I didn't know if he was gonna run me then or not because he mentioned that there were a lot of cops out that day. So I get in front of him and he turns off a few roads down. Well I just wanted to talk but got a race instead. I'll take it like a man and say yeah, I got my ass whipped. I hoped I would. If I smoke a GN, T-Type, etc... I would be surprised. Thats the 2nd race I've lost in my SC. Its been doing pretty well against the local 5.0's. I lost to the Cobra that belongs to the guy I bought this SC from, and I lost to this Buick. I was reading SFI TURBO off his trunk lid the whole damn time. Nice run. I like your car. Hope to see you at the Niles weekly cruise in. Last weekend there was a guy there with a 10 second GN. I was drooling all over it. I told him I'd trade him both my birds and $10,000 but he didn't take me up on that offer. Now if I can just get my 5-speed bird to run right. Oh well. I like V6 performance engines. Its funny to see the look on someones face when you beat them and they find out you have "just a little V6" Take care guys. Oh here, I'll post a pic of the car, hope it works.
Sorry guys

I didn't mean to open the floodgates of SC guys to your BB here. I have been reading the posts here for over a year. (Every time I read a Raven story I immediately have to go on Autotrader.com to see if there are any T-types for sale ;) Isn't it about time for another Raven tale anyway?) When I read this message, a lot of details sounded really familiar (Silver SC, Niles MI, etc..) I thought I knew who the SC driver was so I posted a link to this message on www.sccoa.com.


FYI I beleive Scott and Adam who posted here are both only about 19 or 20, that might explain their enthusiasum for their cars. I know they mean no disrespect here. I would be as proud as them if I owned a car that nice, and knew as much about it as they do when I was that age.

There have been a few other posts about GN's on our board lately;


We do have a few clowns, as all boards do, but in all we are basically a bunch of car guys. Come on over if you choose, there are already a couple of GN owners that stop by. They also own SC's or XR7's.
Super coupe guys are way better then some of the import guys on this sight. Some are allright (the ones that don't have the huge wing and fart can on it.) SC are more respectable. They are American made, and they have some of the same stuff as us. (Injectors,....).

So I have no problem with you guys

Thanks Buick guys and Andy

I appreciate the complements on the SC. I did not consider a GN but I did consider a TTA when purchasing my SC. A local dealership had one for sale but they wanted $12,500 or something like that for I believe an '89. It wasn't pristine so I moved on. Don't get me wrong, it had 24,000 miles. Perhaps someone on here knows who bought it, it was at Image Motor Cars in Fort Myers Beach about a year and a half ago. I believe it was the pace car with full graphics although I don't know what that graphics package is supposed to include.

For the record I think when you are well past 300 you can talk heavy torque, maybe not get into a shouting match, just say we're nothing to laugh at as far as what we are for what we are.

Adam Mullen
The SC Kid
Well at least these SC guys are not driving around in turbo coupes. I ran up with one one day in my truck and i tell you what if my truck can keep up with them that is sad. Those turbo coupes rae really slow cars and i bet my old monte could probly beat one.
Originally posted by toast
Well at least these SC guys are not driving around in turbo coupes. I ran up with one one day in my truck and i tell you what if my truck can keep up with them that is sad. Those turbo coupes rae really slow cars and i bet my old monte could probly beat one.

Yeah cute little 2 bolt turbo that looks like it would be cool for your keyring:D
Originally posted by Scott Long
Yeah that was my SC. I have 2 of them. He got to run the slower of the two. But I bet my other one would still lose. I saw the Buick down by the beach, and I was thinking wow, nice car. So I am wanting one bad

My Dad says his 87GN is for sale, for the right price. We live in Eau Claire. Nice to see some fellow turbo enthusiasts close by!

(P.S. My 84GN will never be for sale!)

Loved my SC (89 auto w/3.27, stock) Great car.... definately not a drag mobile, Oh well.... Broke my halfshaft also...

I would own another one, totally loaded, dk blue or black, but it has to be a stick and 94/95, I like the better interior and injectors.

SC' really start to move if you totally replace the exhaust, were are talking over 50hp.... Parts are expensive, but the aftermarket is getting better....

In my opinion blame ford for the SC problems, could not have any car for sale that is faster than the mustang, the SHO got screwed with totally crap stock exhaust.... I mean damn, TR stock exhaust is not great, but people have went 12's through it.

SC's is a total PIA to work on compared to the TR

P.S. My roomate has a 94 SC Red 5spd. Nice car, but he knows the power of the darkside :):) :eek:
Now, I have seen and ridden in some pretty fast Turbo Coupes. In fact, a guy in the town where I used to live had a lightly modded 85(?) Turbo Coupe that ran a 13 flat, and he had some traction problems. I guess most of the TC's you see any more are all ragged out or the Turbo doesn't work on them anymore.

I seen a webiste once with the fastest SCs in North America times. The fastest was a 12.52. Is this still the record or has someone went quicker yet?
The new record was set in the Coy Miller Racing Engines SC. It's a silver 90 SC automatic (like mine) and it recently ran a 12.18 but was detuned for traction and still spun through first and second gear, but got the wheels up on the launch. That was with slicks. My friend Chris has one that will run the 1/4 in 12.8 on 18" chrome Momo's and street radials. These are both without nitrous oxide. If they sprayed, they'd be in the 11's. But two major advantages the GN has over the SC are solid rear axle, we have independant rear suspension, and you don't have any parastic loss on your car from turning a supercharger. We are figuring Coy and Chris are losing about 80-100hp from just having to turn the SC. If we turbocharged the SC we would be seeing much faster times. But, get us on a road course vs. the GN and you guys better hope there are a lot of straightaways :D