t link issue


Yes Its fast no you can't
Ken I e- mailed you about my t-link slowing my car down about 3-4 thenths in the quarter when it was hooked up and we agreed that you could patch it up by cutting a wire or something I want to get this fixed soon so, can I send you the whole thing labtop and all you just fix her up I will include shipping money It's driving me nutzz Thanks, Jason:)
I have an email address:


These things are easier done that way. I sometimes don't check this board for days. So... everyone... shoot email first that way I won't miss it.

Otherwise, send it my way... if it's the cable, just send the cable plus return shipping. I'll fix it up for FREE. If you really want to send the laptop, that's fine, but make sure you insure it and include return shipping. Never know if UPS or the USPS might drop kick the thing as they go by the house! :)

The only scenario I can think of that might slow your car down are if it was stuck in ALDL mode or something, so we'll check it out. I'll return as soon as I can, but it's gonna take a while in shipping both ways.

Hope that helps!