T.O. here we go.........again

Drew L

Gerry Attrick
The only reason Rosenhaus is stumping for him is because he needs to get paid. Let's see what happens after the four game supension
good riddance as far as I'm concerned. Sad part is he'll wind up somewhere else (most likely oakland) and continue to reap millions and continue to be a selfish pri*k
great to hear that the eagles have said they want nothing to do with him, just hope they stand pat. read in the paper today that the jets are interested in him. somebody over there must be smoking some good stuff. :confused:
I personally hate the guy, but A: It made me forget how much I hate Randy Moss and B: whoever can pick him up for say a 1 year deal might have something. He's going to be out to prove something, big time!

What an ahole!!

Millions of dollars to play a sport and he cannot grasp it. It should be an honor to make that much money doing something you love.

What a jerk off and he should be banned for life. Let him pick up Garbage for the city of Philidelphia for the rest of his life.
Screw him and what a piss poor example to set for the younger generations of athletes to come.

He was an ahole in san fran and now he looks like he has shown his true colors no matter where he is.

Just my opinion ....and 2 cents...

accurate article in SI on this subject today. As lothesome as these children are some team will "accomodate" him

Ron Artest
Ricky Williams
Ralfy Palmerio
Manny Rameriz (you know....the jogging to first base , day off guy)

Name more but you get the point. Will some team do the right thing, please, and not sign this malcontent?

Its All Business,if Anyone Of Use Owned A Pro Team,we Would Pick Him Up,its All About Money And Winning,no Matter How We Feel About A Player.