T-tops, a discussion

I've never been a fan of T tops, they serve no functional purpose for me and only cause problems with leaks. I know others love them and
some people find them desirable. Full disclosure I am looking to buy a solid roof car but have found a car that checks all my boxes but has T-tops.
Pros and Cons Why avoid or seek out a t tip car?
That's why they make both chocolate AND vanilla. For me, there is nothing that compares to riding in an open car. Nothing. The Cars and Concepts Skylite T-Tops are huge as compared to most other T-Tops and are as close to the open car feeling you are going to get in a fixed roof coupe like a GN or a Firebird. They extend from just behind the windscreen all the way to the rear edge of the door windows, which on a Gen II F-Body is one looong door. They also look amazing when they are on as the entire roof appears to be glass with no sheet metal in between the two panels, it looks like the entire roof is just one piece of glass.
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In about 1979/80, I was flipping cars at an auction in Phoenix,AZ, and I ended up near stealing a GM small car, v-6 powered, Skyhawk/Skylark/ Buick, Pontiac, Olds, something. I don't remember. No one bought it as it was one of the last cars to run, and it had a horrible engine vibration! It had a zero balance flexplate and balancer on it, but it was supposed to have weighted units, I believe.
Fresh, bright yellow paint, very nice black interior too.
The entire top, from the windshield to the rear window, and side drip rail to other driprail, was mirrored glass or plastic. I'm pretty sure it was glass, but my memory has faded. I don't remember what company made it, or the model, but it was B,O,P, manufactured, and I have never seen one before or since, but I was the only bidder, and I believe I paid around $500.00 for it!
I investigated the balance issue, but someone tracked me down thru the auction and made me a great offer, which I took before I did anything to the car.
I don't know if it was a factory deal, or custom, and I had completely forgotten about it til now. Google came up with nothing that I could find. If anyone knows anything about it, I would be interested to know. I had it only for a month in around 1980. Anyone?
P.S. It was probably a limited edition deal and worth a zillion dollars now...