T-tops leaking


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May 1, 2012
Had the first rain since I bought the car turns out it leaks very bad. It's a t-top car I figure I need all new weather stripping any thing else anyone can recommend?
fun stuff might find more once the seals are out.........


Duct seal putty in the corners under the new stripping helps ...
Test with hose and adjust I got mine sealed finally !
Yep if the tops are leaking then under the top plates will be an ugly sight too see or at mine was. The entire top layer of the front part of the t bar was eat away. I fixed mine by luckily finding a complete t bar section that that was rust free (hard to believe). Then i drilled the spot wells the hold the two pieces together and coated it with por 15. I then removed my top section on my car which was tricky because i had to cut a straight line at the top where it becomes part of windshield frame. Coated every thing with por 15. Then migged it all back together ground it down, filled it in with metal to metal. After i sanded it you cant tell the t bar was ever changed. Looks nice now and no leaks
Yeah they do that.

I have nothing constructive to add. I just plan on a wet leg when I go somewhere in the rain....
You can either use a putty, pack it in their, put some sealer over it, new weather stripping and be done...Or cut out all of the rusty metal and replace with new metal. It factors down to how good are your skills, how much time/money you got, and when do you want to really fix it. The puttys a good temp fix but youll always know its their and will continue to rust.