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If you recently spent your hard earned money for a new turbo, it makes good sense to do all you can so it will last a long, long, time. Contaminated oil will destroy your turbo. This device will deliver plenty of clean, always filtered, oil to your turbo at all times and will extend the life of your turbo. The oil filter on the TURBO-LUBER is exclusively for the turbo. Your engine oil filter remains in the stock location. Your engine oil will actually be filtered, twice. On a high performance turbocharged engine, common sense will tell you, two filters are better than one.

I run this device on both my TRs and have logged tens of thousands of miles with them. Presently, I've chosen not to use the factory turbo heat shield. However, you can use your stock turbo-shield with the TURBO-LUBER with holes drilled for the two oil lines. Recently, I made my own turbo shield which does not interfere with the oil lines and still protects my hood insulator from heat damage. Pictures below throughout the thread will show the TURBO-LUBER installed both ways.

Last year, I took my LIMIT TE-44 off my Red T and moved it onto my latest purchase ... an 87 dark red T. The TE-44 has 70,000 miles on it, and I was surprised it had virtually no shaft slop ... either in and out, or up and down, and I had an occasion to check again, after another 18,000 miles of use, and still no slop. I've been running a TURBO-LUBER on this turbo since I installed it a few years ago. I'd have to assume the reason there is no shaft play is due to the turbo always being fed clean, filtered, oil.

This kit comes with all fittings and lines and printed step by step instructions for QUICK, EASY, installation in under an hour. The 1/4" ID stainless steel braided/teflon lines replace the stock steel turbo oil feed line. The 1/4" ID stainless braided/teflon line runs from the oil pump location to the "in" side of the oil filter adapter, then another short stainless 1/4" ID line to the turbo oil fitting. The oil filter adapter bolts directly to the turbo shield bracket. Longer bolts to attach the oil filter adapter to the turboshield bracket are included with the kit. TIA..... $115 shipped.


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Is the lower supply fitting straight or a 90. There were (3) 90's and one straight fittings. The long line wraps around real close to the header pipe.
Is the lower supply fitting straight or a 90. There were (3) 90's and one straight fittings. The long line wraps around real close to the header pipe.

Hey Chris, it's the straight fitting. It is an inverted flare and seats in the factory brass block. Just curl the line toward the front of the motor and up over the turbo.

Just use a nylon tie to hold it away from the header. ;)
Here's an installation with stock shield in place:


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got mine on yesterday but I made "L" bracket from Alum to mount it out from turbo with shield on and one hole drilledfor my turbo feed line and my engine line goes out towards well up along overflow line.

I will be running that into a cooler under pass headlight then back into the perma cool.