T_ roof noise !!


Jul 6, 2007
My driverside T-roof panel is annoying the crap out of me.... did I say I was looking for a Hard top but found this nice T-top car and said what the hey ...well what I feared has come true... 1 it leaked...fixed that now 2 it has wind noise and 3 it is rattling and sqeaking.
Wind noise I that is the gap at the back of the glass between the door and the weather strip. not actually in part ot the T-top... the glass appeares to have some room to move inward so I will fix that when I replace the sweeps that have some dry rotting cracks so its the #3 problem that I need some help with. Is there a way to tighten the tops ? The weather stripping is in great shape and it has the extra narrow stick on strips that I figure are supposed to prevent this as well.

Thanks !
Might want to try some of the various frame/body braces that you can buy from Kirban. The glass might be in there nice and snug but when the body flexes it is still going to move and create a noise. If you've replaced all the weatherstripping and seals and still get rattles then I would try stiffening up the car.
Are you positive that itis the glass itself that is rattling? Many cars ago I had similar issues. Wound up taking all the interior garnish around the t-top openings down, put some foam tape and/or some scrap pieces of dynamat on the inside of the trim and the rattle went away.
It is a rubber squeak... I was able to push on the hatch at the back of the door glass and feel it moving and made the noise stop but it was imcomfortable driving like that...:mad: