TA-54 and 55lb injectors?


What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
what do you guys think. i figure this should be the last turbo i will ever need to buy. and with this turbo i will be need this big of injectors because i dont want to be leaning out on the top end. what do you guys think? to big or no? im going to have a trans brake and maybe some nos not to you all the time just to use if the supra pulls. what do you all think

The TA-54 and 55's were the last I was going to buy.... I didnt get my car completly tuned with the 54, but I knew it wouldnt take me where my goals are now. 55's should be plenty big. I might have a set up for sale if they turn out to be too small with the 70 thats going on my car. With the right converter and the .85 PTE exhaust housing that 54 pulled REAL good at 17psi, and was too much on the street at 26psi (no traction) considering my car went 117mph consitantly at 3500ft elevation through bone stock heads and a modified stock IC at 23psi, i'd say theirs some potential in that turbo. Couple it with a better flowing IC and some good heads and the watch out!

Seeing that you don't have an IC, your results may vary :)
Ihave his old ta54 and iam going the same as you , i have the new deltrans with a trans brake and going with a little nos to cool the intercooler. Iam only going with the msd50's they should be good so i think the 55's are more then good .