TA Billet Cam for sale-needs repair on one lobe


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Oct 1, 2001
I have a TA Billet Hydraulic Cam grind 224/224. This cam has Odd fire snout w/even fire lobes machined for TA thrust plate. will fit 109/stageI/Stage II blocks

Cam needs to have 1 exhaust lobe (#6) fixed due to faulty lifter that marred up the lobe. I talked to Bullet Cam and they could repair this cam for $200 dollars --they could fix the damaged lobe and keep it at 224/224 or do a total regrind of the cam into anything someone wound need as long as its smaller than 224/224. Billet Cam cores are non exisitant and this would get someone a cam in less than 30 days once its sent in to be repaired. I'm selling the billet cam for $750.00 . If your serious I can send you pics. My price is firm as nobody has cams available --located in IL. JM

Send to Bullet Cams ( Bullet Cams) and pay them to fix the bad lobe or regrind to whatever new specs you want and your up and running with billet roller hydraulic cam.


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This Billet Roller cam was in my fresh stage II 276CU Build until a morel lifter link bar button broke causing lobe to be marred. Engine builder said this motor could spin to 6500+ with this roller cam. Build had less than 500 miles on it when this issue occured.