TA stainless headers

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
Selling the Stainless TA headers off my car. They have EGT bungs and set up for an external wastegate as well. Clamps and RJC solid gaskets.
Work they WILL NEED before installation.
1. the wastegate pipe will need a flange (matching your wastegate) or have it capped.
2. The passenger side V-Band flange needs to be replaced. It is there and was working but it is on borrowed time as they used steel flanges.
Asking $600 INCLUDING shipping.
New they are $1160 with out EGT bungs and a wastegate pipe.
Ask for further pics if needed


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The V Band that needs replacement


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They are shit. I wouldn't pay $750. At best in the condition and what the expense to get them to sub par standards $300 would be top dollar. They are rougher than a night in jail. I can't believe you would have the odacity to try and sell that junk for 600. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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They are $600 shipped. Will include the replacement Flange assembly it as well
WOW! How old are the headers?? Not that it matters, price wise, as I'm just wondering how long it took the steel flanges to do that? Those headers aren't cheap at all! And yours have all the bells and whistles added as well. So, I'm not dogging your price at all. Just seeing this and wondering about the T/A headers now.

Anywho, I may be interested. So, I'll send the pics to a buddy and see if he can give me a ball park, as to what it would cost to fix them.

I think 2011 or so. All the other flanges are good. For some reason this side didn't fair well.
These are the stainless versions which are close to 1200 nee
On a lighter note. That's actually a decent deal on those headers. I'm just giving Otto a hard time. He likes to dish people and talk shit but absolutely hates it thrown back at him. He can't take the heat.... But 600 is a decent deal.

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What do I have? About what you paid for your last motor in my whole car!
And guess what, I'm building 3 new motors. A 016, a 153 and a TA Aluminum. You can live vicariously through me. LMAO.... Don't hate appreciate...

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