TA49 and #30 injectors...possible at 16psi?

Dr. Jeckel

New Member
Is it ok to run a TA49 with #30 pounders if I keep the boost under 16psi. I plan to upgrade injectors when I add alky but need to get a turbo because mine is leaking oil into the intake and everything else. Is this ok to do it this way for awhile?
Thanks, James.
Yes, it shouldn't be too big of a problem as long as you stay away from the track.

Turning the boost up to 21 is a guaranteed blown head gasket, though.
Just wanted to be sure. I don't plan to try and up the boost. Just want to upgrade since the turbo needs replacing. When I get the alky and some #50 injectors then I'll turn it up to about 23psi:D
Had the same set up in my stolen GN. Used 17 boost with racing gas. 0 boost on the line. 80 degree N. Eastern day.

Car went 12.20,12.18, 12.21. With street slicks.

However....MUST WARN you top end was going lean.

Not good.