TA49 Turbo (From Kirban)


Dec 6, 2005

I have a TA49 Turbo For Sale

It's in Excellent Condition. It was bought new from Kirban (and I have the receipt) August of 2005. It's the Upgraded one, plus has the Kirban Polished Bell.

I have no use for it right now, so I'm selling it. (I currently own a low mile completely stock GN)

Oh, also it has the adjustable wastegate actuator, and Kirban Polished Bell, and A/R 63 Housing.

475.00 and includes shipping to the Lower 48 States



is all the fins ok? in the pic it kinda looks like one might be damaged or repaired?
No Sir...

There's no damage on the fins at all. There's a white painted fin and balancing stamp on another fin which shows a very low usage turbo here.

Absolutely Perfect TA49 Turbo for sale here

475.00 Shipped
I'm going to bed here in a few minutes. It's almost 11pm eastern time. Anyone who's interested , please pm me tomorrow and let me know if you'd like to take it. I can mail it out tomorrow with UPS Ground Tracking # as soon as payment is made.

I take Paypal as well. My Paypal is ipodintampa@yahoo.com. Any other questions feel free to call me. My number is 813 404-0906.

Also, I offered it to one other guy on here who PM'd me for 450.00 Shipped. I'd like to offer this to all...
TA-49 turbo

Hello Tomcatturbo. My name is Jerry Berger, and I am interested in buying the turbo for 450.00 shipped. I don't have paypal so it would have to be cashiers check or mony order.Please email me at buickhotair@yahoo.com
Thanks Jerry Berger