TA54 with sperco


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Iwas just looking at the sperco parts that i have i was trying to find out if the part that they give you to flip the TB , will this have to be cut any. Or the alum bell that hooks to the pipe that leaves the turbo to go to the intercooler.

Has any of you guy ran the intercooler kit with a bigger turbo then a ta33. They fit the ta33 great but if the intake hole is any bigger on the 54 then it will have to be cut.

I believe it is a bolt on... I haven't heard otherwise.

If you decide to go with the V2 intake in the future this is not a concern as the throttlebody bolts to the intake (and you'll use an '86/'87 throttlebody).

If I could talk you into a mod... I'd talk you into the V2 intake with that Spearco front mount intercooler. :) With the V2 intake I wouldn't go with a TA54 turbo either... I'd use a TE44/TE62/TE63 with some 55lb injectors and your car would be a monster afterwards. Y

You should be able to pick up a low miles TE44 for $450 - $500. Your car would be a mid 11 second car after going this route.

"Zoom Zoom"


I bought the ta 54 , and i will be getting some 50-55lb injectors soon with a 3000-3500 stall. Iam going to test the stock intake with my set up for jay and then test out the v2 with my set up.

Why don't you care for the ta 54 spool to slow or some thing.
i'm guessing the ta-33 was in a stock 84 housing?

if so the throttle body adaptor will not work(mine wouldn't with my ta-60)and you will not need the adaptor to go to the intercooler tubing,as the 87 turbo has a hose barb built right onto the housing.

my ta-60 is an 87 turbo.

i had a friend buld me an aluminum adapter plate similar to what comes with the spearco kit that has the correct bolt holes so the tb sits straight up like it was.the spearco adapter is also built for the stock 84 tb/compressor so the hole was way too small for my ported tb/60-1 wheel.

i know cool84 has bolted on 87 turbos without a plate,it just rotates the tb.it's doable though.
A guestion for you WFO, i see you are running a 60 turbo and 42.5 injectors . Do you have a 1/4 time yet , do the 42.5's feed the motor good .

I was going to go with 50's with the 54 what do you tink i should run , because i dont have much money since i think my tranny is gone now. I was thinking of the 42.5's they are a little less money.
Louie, Why don't you like the 54? My car went 117mph @ 3500ft altitude with it and the v2 at 23psi. thats enough for low 11's. At sea level thoes runs would have been 122ish which is enough for high 10's. If I had a better IC i'm sure the car would have been faster (the modified stocker seems to be at its limit)

People have been as fast as 128mph on the 54 turbo. The only reason I sold mine was to go to the 70 turbo that i'm getting.

50# injectors should be fine, but if you go with 55's remember you need to have the ECM modified to use them.

BTW: Crazygn, yer turbo will be on the way Wed morning via UPS.
Thanks ttype85 glad you got the money, man i was looking at a 70 the oyher day man they are big. So i see there are a lot or 84-85 guys that really want that 10'sec mark first do you think you can put it in the 10's.

good luck
hey crazy,i got a few runs in vegas before i shelled my tranny:mad: .13.2x's@101-2 best,never really got a chance to start turning it up.

as far as the injectors i'd go with 50's and a 16 pos maxeffort.

as far as your tranny,i think you have a governor problem.i'd call bruce direct and describe it to him and see what he says.
Thanks bud i'll go with the 50's , as for the tranny i pulled the gov out and it looks great , the spring is there and the little bearing. I dont see any thing broke but iam not a tranny guy ether.
The 70 will carry me into the 10's. Especally combined with ported heads and ford FM IC (mods for this winter)


I need to work on the traction..... posi, boxed control arms, etc.
When you go with an 87 compressor housing you can drill out the two exising non used holes in the TB and it barely rotates it from straight up. I hope you have a bigger TB, at least as big as the compressor wheel or you will have a lag monster. I would say to relocate the TB but since you're doing the V2 soon it wouldn't be worth your time. I'm very interested in your results with the stock vs V2 intake.

I was also shooting for the 10s but with the fresh hole in my #4 cylinder it looks like it might be a while. I have a feeling it's going to be a race for 10s when all the tracks open up again. Hopefully mine will be together again by early Feb. I'm even getting a spare TH400 built just in case I break the 200.
I have the stock 85 tb, but i guess when i get the v2 set up i can use the bigger tb with the stock intake , run it then change to the v2. I have a new t350 and a 400 myself but i really like the od and the gears of the 200. And yea i think you are right every one will want to hit the track first this year. I dont think my set up will go 10's but i would love to see you guys run there.

Sorry to hear about the block, hope you get it fixed up ok.

thanks, guys
Louie, Why don't you like the 54?

The TE44 is readily available "used" on the Turbo TRader as a quick mod. The TA54 is recent in offering and unless your going to sell it in the range I was mentioning earlier it makes sense to get the most CFM available "for cheap."

I didn't state anything negative on the turbo (TA54). The TE44 or TE-62 is an easy find for someone trying to save a buck or two, and they are good turbos!

I have an "old tech" Cheatah 3 turbo that works just fine for now. It's housing outlet has even been modded so it can be swapped over to a "Hot-Air" configuration :) (gotta love the ability to multi-task)
Will this set up be a good every day driving car still , i don't have to drive it but i might have to take it on and off to the tracks that is about 20 miles and 80 miles away. I'll be looking for another tr soon for a every day car [ stock one ] .
A Turbo car is always streetable...

Will this set up be a good every day driving car still , i don't have to drive it but i might have to take it on and off to the tracks that is about 20 miles and 80 miles away.

One of the reasons I sold my Ford Mustang was because of street manners. Unfortunately for those who go the modified V8 route they eventually run into a point where their motor hates the daily street driven miles. Fouled plugs, erratic carb response, and other gremlins made me get sick of the modified 5.0 motor route.

There are some folks who will take exception to my commentary above. My response is this... how many high 11 second Mustangs do you see as daily drivers? There is always exceptions to the rule and someomne opening their hole saying they know of "one or two" doesn't cut it in my book.

We have club members with 11 and low 12 second cars drive a solid 115 miles from Denver to race their toys in Pueblo, Colorado... and then drive that distance back. Is that streetable enough for you? You can modify the turbo Regal to your hearts content and it will still have excellent street manners.