TA62, MSD 50's, ext chip, posi rear


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May 29, 2001
TA62 turbo with heavy duty adjustable actuator. This was ran with a Terry Houston down pipe. And the waste gate hole is opened up to match. This is a low mileage turbo that is very tight still with no play, and is in very good shape. Since this is a TA series turbo it is 100% stock appearing because this one runs the Garrett stock appearing compressor housing and exhaust housing. $575 shipped with insurance. The Terry houston pipe will be available in another week if interested.

MSD 50's: high impedence for stock computers, only a couple thousand miles on them and always ran good fuel. $225 shipped with insurance.

Extender chip for MSD 50's: $60 shipped and insured.

Drum to drum stock GN posi rear end. $800 local pick up only but can deliver if your fairly close and can also get this to the Chicago land area. I live right outside of bloomington IL.

Thanks: Jason Loftus

I would be interested in the THDP when it's available. What kind of shape is it in and any idea of a price? Thanks, Dan
This is off my buddies car and he told me it was in good shape. I won't post for sure about that until it gets into my hands, which will probably be this weekend. I've never sold a houston pipe so I'll do a search and find the going rate and it will be priced right around there.

gnis2quick: A board member (Delerius) had PM'd me before you posted about the turbo. I talked to him on the phone and he said he would take it. If he backs out you will be the first in line, and I will let you know asap.

Guys I actually have two sets of MSD 50's both sets are guaranteed to be real nice. I could probably get regular style 50 # chips real cheep for any body who bought a set of these 50's off of me. The extender chip listed above is the special chip for running a Translator plus set up. I will actaully have a Translator plus for sale next week.

Other injectors I have are a set of low impedence 65's and a set of regular 43's.

dsa87gn: The extender chip is for MSD 50's

Thanks for the inquiries and if any body has other questions please post or call me in person at 309-253-7991

Thanks again: Jason

Thanks for the info on the chip. I need to do some research on this setup. You are very generous to try to help, but I should look on my own first. I'll bow out...and good luck with your sale...

postal said:
dsa87gn: The extender chip is for MSD 50's

Looking for the other info..
Base Timing
DataStream Used
Idle RPM
Boost Setting Etc:

If you can get the number printed on the chip i can figure it out from there
should be a bunch of letters and numbers on it
The turbo and one set of MSD 50's is sold to Delerius

dsa87GN: I'll get you that number tomorrow. Sorry but things have been real messed up for me the last two days ( I'm supposed to pick up the other set of 50's, the houston pipe, that extender chip, and a few other parts from my good friend tomorrow).

I will also be listing a PT54 turbo for sale. This is off a car we bought for my brother in law. We bought this car off of Phillip Cantrell (Odell Cantrell's son) Its a REALLY low milage turbo but he F'd up the actuator bracket so he could "clock" his compressor housing down. This would be a great turbo for some one running an external waste gate or if you already have a heavy duty actuator you can put on it. $550 shipped

Thanks: Jason
I would like the numbers on the Extender also. If dsa87GN passes and it has the things I want I'd like to be 2nd in line :)
Sorry guys, I've had a crappy week and I'm a little behind on some of this stuff. I got that number off the chip, wrote it down, and then lost the damn piece of paper! I will see if my buddy can meet me tomorrow or the day after and get the next round of parts, and actually get that chip into my hands.