Tail Light covers


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Hey guys,

Just looking for some Regal Tail light covers for my 86, the kind that slip on and are held on with Velcro. I know Lund made some years back but sadly no more. If anyone has a pair they are willing to part with please let me know.

Not to spoil the fun here, but I can tell you that I had some Lund covers for a while on my GN and they didn't really fit nice...:rolleyes: There was always a gap here and there and the velcro did not hold them good, so I installed them using two-way tape, the kind body shops use to install emblems. They held good, but a few years later when the time came to remove them, they shattered like glass!:mad: So I went with another alternative, that was to have the taillights tinted (see below) at Jon's Tinted Tails | Home Page and couldn't be more satisfied...

Good luck,