Taking a Stock Engine with Stock Turbo to the limit....

Sure was a s#!+ show. Nice meeting you and Paulie. I wanted one more run but got tired of waiting for the cleanups.

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we should have left when you did ..they pulled murph at 630 and then just before he was to go into burnout they stopped for cleanup and then announced they would only be allowing 1/8mi passes (only 1/8 timeslips) for the rest of the night so he backed up and packed it up ,
total BS ..one pass for the day ... in lanes at 10am first run at 12.15 and then next (last) would have been after 630pm
Put my stock seats back in. You'd never know how light the car is by a casual look..... I should put some stock T Type wheels back on next lol.


Yeah, thats comes on just at the end of the runs with all the extra alky.... gets rich for a split second when I lett off and it bottoms out the O2 reading.
I posted this is another thread but thought I should put it here too. This is a pic of my stock turbo compressor wheel from a few days ago. I don’t see any damge from the pre-turbo alky. You can compare to a pic of it at the beginning of this thread.

Also wanted to post a little update... Englishtown track closed so there is no track close and convenient for me now. May go down to Atco but or Cecil in the fall but no plans soon.

Been making the car a little more street friendly in the meantime. On a single alky nozzle now... had to adjust the fuel in the tune big time with all the missing alky. Added a bigger fuel cell, 16 gal now vs the old 10 gal cell. Got a console cupholder. Cleaned up the engine bay some. And finally, I cut the front part of the roll cage out. I never really liked how low the hoop went and its much more fun driving now without it.


Marka Gallina went mid-11s with bone stock Hot-Air Regal decades ago.
Before the internet!

So, of course you can run 11s with an intercooler and larger turbo! :geek: Maybe 10s?
Paul has all the data from that, maybe he will post it up. Think it was 11.72@112mph, very very impressive. Stock turbo and heads, not much else was stock though as far as bone stock though I think..

Believe me, would love to get 10s. Doesn't seem like anything left in it but maybe there are some tricks to shave another tenth, who knows. Looking back at my very first run to the end, I only gained 2 tenths and 3mph lol. Most of that was just running another 1-2lbs of boost and a little better weather. Turbo was already close to all in, just squeaking a few hundredths here and there with tune, shifting, etc. Already had a lot of it close with rpms, gears, shifts etc just fine tuning. Obviously the weight helped, but maximizing all the other factors was key.