Taking my intake off


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I am going to take my in take of when i get home from work is there any thing that i should do when i take it off , should i drain my gas tank because off the fuel rail will the gas keep running out when i unscrew the fuel line.Is there any thing elsethat i should look for.

thanks guys , i know i am a pain
Instead of draining the gas, depressurize the system. (unplug the fuel pump and start the car) I would aslo drain the coolant system or you'll have a mess.......
On the subject: is it possible to drain the coolant out of the block? I couldn't find a drain plug.

If not, is there any other way to almost completely drain the system? I want a way to switch from pure water in the summer to 60/40 antifreeze in the winter (it gets cold up here).

On the subject: is it possible to drain the coolant out of the block? I couldn't find a drain plug.

there isnt one on my 85 block but my 87 has one

hey kevin glad i cant hear you from here cause you'll be cussin up a storm before your done...:D
Whats up , i got the intake off it took about 1-2 hours and lots of beer it looks like a pain to put back together. the cam does not look bad from what i see what should i look at with the lifters i cant tell if there bad or not. I should be able to push the lifter in and pump it right , i push down with the push rod and they dont move at all.
they should be tight

pull them out one at a time so they dont get mixed up and check the bottom of them for pits or any concave in the bottom of them..
I'll look at it good after work i hope i did not take the intake off and its something else. I'll look at the lifters good and see when there is some light. The lifters are tight i tryed to get them to push down as hard as i can and they dont move , the two valves that are open on the drivers side the lifters are pushed all the way in. When the valve opens should they go all the way in i would think i would lose lift if they did so.
they wont push in when the motors running but when its not running its normal for any that are on lift to bleed down..:)
Look visually at the base of the lifter! You'll see a mushroomed indented face of the lifter. At this point you will need to replace the cam and lifters.

Don't even think of just throwing in another set of lifters and overlook replacing the cam.

Roll the push rods on an even flat surface. Look at the ends of them. Look for galling.

With your oil distribution problem I bet you'll find something.