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May 24, 2001
I could find this problem with a search, so here goes.
I replaced my TCC & 4th gear pressure switch last summer because I thought that my TCC was bad(locked & unlocked while driving)
Problem did not go away
I installed a lighted switch to the F terminal to manualy lock the TCC.
When I lock TCC (lighted switch comes on) it will stay locked until I let off and TCC will unlock (light goes out) If I press hard enough on the gas to down shift the TCC will lock again or when going down a hill if I let off to cruise TCC will lock again.
When I'm at cuising speed TCC will not lock (some times it will try to lock) It seems to try to lock the best @ 60, but anything faster and all I get is quick lock/unlock
also my cruise & turn switch not to good.
If the turn/cruise/wiper switch is bad could this cause this problem?
Dude... You got problems...

Disconnect the tcc connector and drive . See if all is normal.
If yes then you got either a chip problem or a wire touching ground somewhere. If not, then a whole nother can of worms has been opened. Lets take that step after you try the first one. :)
Re: Dude... You got problems...

Originally posted by WE4
If not, then a whole nother can of worms has been opened. Lets take that step after you try the first one. :)
OK disconnected the TCC, When warm (30min Highway driving)
From a stop,med accel(4-5 Boost)....1-2 shift starts trys to shift but feels like it is holding back then it starts to slip then hard shift at the end. Quick after that it starts to slip in to 3rd.
From a 30 roll light med accel shift into OD firm. Cruising inbetween 35-40 it will shift into OD at 37mph.

car has 70K miles non BFR valve, I was told when I got the car at 50K that some trans work was done to it.
OK I think we can rule out chip & ground, I'm ready for next step I think, but I din't think I will like it
What about lock up tho?

Is lock up ok now? It shouldnt try to come on at all. The 1-2 has a bump slide and 3rd slips? If third slips even once you need to go inside and see damage. And , there will be. I dont get the downshift and lock thing. That is the one thing that I am still trying to figure:)
Yes it did not lock at all with it unplugges :)

I reconnected and drove to work last night and it actauly stayed locked most of the trip to work, same coming home. as it got warmer it would start to unlock.
Maybe part (a small part) is a bad connection at the TCC.
Re: What about lock up tho?

Originally posted by WE4
I dont get the downshift and lock thing. That is the one thing that I am still trying to figure:)

First I would like to said thanks for taking my call today.

I would like to figure this one out too, I'm worried if I replace the trans and that problem will follow. I'm going to test the volts through the system and all connects. I'll replace the brake switch & turn switch (it's bad anyways) or it could be that TCC switch that I replaced. It did not look the same as the old one or fix as good.

I called South East Turbo and talked to Dana, he said that Paul will call me tomorrow. He also helped me solve a 3 month old problem that I could not figure out :cool: darn cracked headers.
Thanks again
well we will keep trying.....

Just for the hell of it , Man something just hit me...!!! call me tomorrow , I think I just figured it out. !!!!!! Key was what you said about replacing and it looked different. Call me as I got a brainstorm!!!!:D I need to talk you thru this YEE HAA!!! :)
Dude you are sooo good

I found my invoice from ordering the TCC, I ordered the 700R4 / 200-4R r clutch switch. When I pull the pan to see if I installed the spacers I'll give you a call. I do remeber the spacers now, if only I could remeber if I installed them :confused: Darn age.....
Yes .... Us geezers....

Yea, us geezers have problems.LOLOL
I can't remember my name at times. Last few years it has been real bad, maybe it is just brain overload!!!

My wife still claims it is "selective memory" but I stood up for myself and reminded her that was hearing , not remembering, to which she replied, "Well, That too!!":D

What were we talking 'bout?

Lemme know

Just a update...
I tested the A & D terminal at the trans
It omh 29 with a cheap tester. With a digatal it tested at 21.8
At F terminal volt tested the system, key on 12.8 volts