TCC solenoid!!


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Nov 13, 2003
I know that this topic has been covered so many times but i couldn't find a answer for this when i did a search for it, if you drive in drive around the city like i do and not feel any problems am i hurting the tranny at all or only when iam in OD on the highway. i think i have a bad TCC solenoid because my car feels like iam going over bumps when i try to get on it a lil bit on the highway. and would just changing the TCC solenoid fix the problem or a whole new tranny needs to be installed, because really soon i will be going to get a vigilante converter and art carr shift kit.? iam pretty clueless when it comes to trannmissions since there are so many things going on at once with them :confused:
If they lock up is hitting in and out, you will damage the trans. Chances are the TCC solenoid is going bad. If it hasn't been replaced in a while it may well be gone. Try replacing it first and test drive to see if it is ok.
Mine began locking up prematurely before I would reach the programmed speed when it went back. When trying to lightly accellerate from low speed it would buck real bad. Sometimes lightly depressing the brake pedal while accellerating would free it momentarily. I replaced the solenoid and it works like a champ now.