TDC question?


I need a sure way to find tdc on #1! I know about taking the plug out, putting your finger over the hole and have someone crank it till it blows air, but is that a sure method? Could that also be the exhaust stroke? Just wondering if the timing mark would line up with 0 on the exhaust stoke. Thanks for the help guys! Need this info as my cam sensor setting tool will be here tomorrow. :D
Without removing the valve cover, the "till it blows air" method is as good as any!

Find the timing mark on the crank damper, and set it so it's pointing about 7 o'clock, and start turning from there and checking for pressure at the spark plug hole. Whoever has their finger in the sparkplug hole will feel next to nothing on the exhaust stroke, but will have pressure glalore on the compression stroke! It's a noticible difference!
Another option...

Something that I always do, is instead of removing the spark plug, just remove the valve cover breather and look thru the hole towards the front of the motor, thats the #1 intake rocker, crank the motor over and watch the rocker, once the rocker goes down and on its way back up watch the balancer for the timing mark. At last this method doesn't require any tools :D