TDo6 vs TDo6-G20


Jun 10, 2003
Is there any difference between a stock sy/ty TDo6 and a aftermarket TDo6-g20 what are they if any.. Im in the market for a new turbo I just have to find out the right one mine is not broke or anything I just could use a bit more go go....I dont want to miss any bottom end I just want to get a bit more top end...
Thanks Randy:D
TD06 vs. TD06-G20

If you mean TD06-20g. Than yes there is a difference. The stock TD06 is using the smaller 16g compressor wheel (intake-side) and the aftermarket TD06-20g uses the larger 20g compressor wheel. Depending on the size of exhaust side (12cm2 - 14cm2) of the turbo you are going to need more stall speed (2800 - 3000rpm).
Yes I do mean 20G (My bad):D
Good info thank you very much Do You recomend 12cm2 or 14cm2
what would be the proformance differences??
Do you know where to order them new
A possible route would be at McCoy Motorsports. They sell stock tubos and upgrades as well. He's been in the business for a long time and we always try to support the sy/ty community. You can find it at The stock turbo is $695 while an upgrade up to a 920cfm is $895. The turbo you should get is derectly dependent on your goals. What did you have in mind? HTH:D
I don't know much in this area but I've read over on plenty of times that if you go with the 20g and stick with the 12cm2 housing you should be good with a stock converter but with the 14cm the stocker isn't going to cut it.