TE45a trims??????

Vader 87

May 25, 2001
Whats the difference between the P trim and the Q trim??????

Which would best suit my car...heres my mods....

Balanced and Blueprinted 3.8 Liter V-6

TTA Crank

.020 Bored Block

JE Forged Pistons

Comp 206/206 Billet Roller Cam

Champion Heads 1.17 Intake 1.55 Exhaust - Stainless Manley Valves

Champion - Lower Intake (port matched)

Upper Intake - Stock

55lb Siemans Injectors - Modified ECM

Mark Jackson 17-Row Stretch Intercooler

PTE-53 Turbocharger

Terry Houston 3" Down Pipe with cutout (ceramic coated)

Hooker 2 1/2" cat-back exhaust (ceramic coated)

ATR Blow Off Valve

8.5mm Kenney Bell Plug Wires

Kenney Bell Ram Air (no canister) with a 9" K&N

Volt Booster

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

9X11 3200 Stall - PTS Converter

Stock Transmission (removed checkball in transmission for quick lockup)

Fan, Fuel, and Converter Lockup Switchs

26x10X15 ET Drags mounted on 15X8 Pro Star Wheels

Scanmaster II, Direct Scan

Fuel Pressure, Boost, EGT, Air/Fuel Mixture, and Oil Pressure Gauges

Dual Air Bags in rear springs

Competition Engineering 3-Way adjustable shocks 60/40 rear 80/20 front

Poly Urethane Bushings in suspension

Mobile 1 Synthetic 15W50 since day 1

Thanks Alot!!!!!
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i bought a car with a failed te45a turbo- sent it out to john craig for a rebuild-- i got new wheels, center section, all new bolts, and a BRAND NEW PTE .85 housing and everything LOOKS BRAND NEW- all this for $454.86
turn around was 1 week and i am very very pleased with their work-
the standard te45a is $1060.00 and another 250.00?? for the Q trim wheel-- call him and you will get all the answers you need

i just sent anoter turbo in for a rebuild- hope to get that one for next weeks project-
Go with the p-trim and 63 Precision housing. That is more turbo than any STREET car needs. Spool up should be good with your 9/11. That turbo should take you to almost any ET you are looking for. I ran 11 teens at 20 psi and a street chip.
does this turbo require that you use a IAC relocator???
damn Brian thats cookin...i see you best in your sig but what was your mph with street chip

i might just opt for that trim...:D
Originally posted by Fast87V6
does this turbo require that you use a IAC relocator???

If you get a TE-45 (TE style compressor housing), no. I have a TC-45 (60-1 compressor housing with 4" inlet) and it pretty much required a relocator with ATR headers. A friend of mine has one with a 4 bolt adapter on stock headers and it moves his forward just enough to clear.
from what i've heard stick with a p-trim for a stock block and q-trim for stage. also heard a .63 housing is kinda a cork for a 45 and bigger turbo.
I don't consider my Garrett .63 housing a "cork"..... if one wanted to run higher boost levels (Stage motors), then maybe some inprovement could be seen with a bigger exhaust housing.....on a stock block, under 25 psi, the .63 is ideal...as is the "P" trim...ask John C. sometime...

remember, you are dealing with a turbo that can easily make enough power to destroy a stock block
I dont think it comes down to stock block or staged block as much as total air flow. The more air you flow the more BP you will have. At what point it starts to hurt you is when a change is needed.
My MPH was 120.8. That et was with a 1.58 60ft.
I think the 63 Precision housing is without question the best way to go. If you get into detail talking with John Craig. He may tell to you that the housing on that turbo is boarder line. That thing makes a good deal of power. An 85 might not hurt. But, I wouldn`t go any larger than the Precision 63. -IMO- Especially with a small cube motor.
im thinking precision .63 housing on my 3.8 but stepping up the a/r when my 4.1 motor is done.

i like the precision housing except for the fact that bolts dont come out of them without the threads coming with them but i have started using studs on everything to eliminate that problem.