Black Car Fever
Sep 15, 2004
I have a TE60 turbo
50# inj flo matched
3200 A/C converter lock up

3 chips

Turbo tweak alky
Turbo tweak 116
Joe lubrant 114

all for $1,000 plus shiping

Best is 7.40's 1/8 on a stock long block full weight car
ok i see its going to be a part out ..... let me see how much shipping will be on the converter im looking at 350 for it plus shipping
Need a trade on the 50's? I have 42's that are pretty much new.

sorry no use for 42's.

TE-60 turbo and 50# inj still forsale


i may be interested in your turbo and injs and chips.how much for combo. i am close to sc give me a call i might can pick up.828-442-5950